Yoga performance with live music Wien



We offer live music yoga performances in Wien for occasions such as:

  • weddings
  • festivals
  • private parties
  • corporate events
  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • and whatever floats your boat… 🙂

The performance is a great refreshment to any event. It brings a whole new energy. We are a two-people team performing yoga and playing instrumental music: piano & guitar. Depending on your request, we can also run a small workshop engaging your audience (yes, complete beginners can join!)

Who are we?

Karolina Kalamajska – yoga & ayurveda practitioner. I find my motivation at the source of it all: India, where I travel regularly doing multiple trainings & courses. I bonded with Raju Baba with whom I perform yoga having a live music in the background. I teach vinyasa, yoga sessions with live music & prenatal yoga, I also run various workshops and retreats in Vienna and abroad.

Raju Baba – He is a guitar teacher who is passionate about blues, rock, jazz and chill out music. As an addition to his guitar he adds some piano tunes and performs in bars, cafes, and together with Karolina. He lives and teaches in Vienna. You can find him at

Our videos

Our practice

For scheduling & bookings and details send us a message using the form below.

We cannot wait to meet you!