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Going through pregnancy is a divine moment. I have never had this experience myself but I work with pregnant women when I run my prenatal yoga classes and I see how sacred, beautiful, magical, and (sometimes) tiring and stressful this moment is. Many of the moms I work with find themselves carrying a baby for the FIRST TIME! I often listen to their worries and struggles but I also have the opportunity to share this divine moment with them and guide them through it.

In this post I recommend 3 of my favorite pregnancy books that talk about mindful pregnancy. They include not only the theory but (what I like most) all of those books have exercises and stories of other mothers and their pregnancy.

If you are in your pregnancy (congratulations!!), I hope you find these books useful:



This is one of the most beautiful books for pregnant women I have ever read. Through reading this book you feel the incredible care, love, divinity and support.


This book includes many yoga postures suitable for pregnant women, but it also has many meditation techniques that are amazing, and chapters in which Gomurkh turns prenatal struggles into a divine experience.

Definitely worth reading! You can buy it here.

2. YOga mama yoga baby – m.s. bachman


Yet another very practical book for pregnancy. Bachman shares in it exercises, meditations, celebrations and practices for each month of the pregnancy.


Additionally the book introduces Ayurveda (ancient Indian medical system) and the Ayurvedic practices and solutions to prenatal struggles (cramps, anemia, back pain, constipation, fatigue…and more!)


The books includes plenty of nutritious ayurvedic meals for mamas and their babies too!

Very useful book for all future mommies! You can buy it here.



This book is full of pregnancy stories of multiple women. All sharing their own experiences.  I would highly recommend this book to any woman who doesn’t have anybody to talk to (no other pregnant women around, no mom to discuss the pregnancy with) about her experience.


Moreover, the book is a beautiful introduction to having a natural birth. It also discusses the less beautiful moments of pregnancy such as loss of a baby and working with grief.

But it isn’t all the negative. Sheldon describes the labor, preparation for birth and the time after giving the birth. Definitely a book to have and read by any future mommy. You can buy it here.


I would also like to take this opportunity and invite you to any prenatal yoga class as it is a great way to prepare for birth and a way to learn how to see a struggle as a divine experience.

If you are in Vienna and looking for classes in English, I can recommend myself :) You can find more information about my prenatal yoga classes over here.

Have a divine experience!

With love,



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