Yoga ayurveda and holistic living – podcast

I am looking for interesting people working in yoga, ayurveda or any other holistic field to have a conversation on my podcast.

The podcast is entirely in Polish but I take conversations in English and publish both: the translated and the original version.
The podcast is called “To live and not go nuts”, and it is a 100% independent project. I discuss yoga, ayurveda and holistic / healthy living with interesting people. If you think you are the right person or you think you know the right person for my podcast send me an email.
– it is a 100% independent and un sponsored podcast, therefore the financial reward isn’t available but in return I offer publishing the link to your blog / business/service/website (has to be about holistic living, yoga or ayurveda) and discussing your services in the podcast
– the conversation is 20 min – 30 min long
– the conversation can be done in person (if you live in Vienna) or on Skype
If you are interested write me an email saying:
– who you are and what you do
– a short story of how you got into what you do (please, make sure it is about yoga, ayurveda or holistic healthy living)
– what topic would you like to discuss in the podcast
– link to your blog or website
I read all the emails and I reply to all of them.
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