Yoga course for beginners Wien


Mondays 17:45 – 19:15

September 4 – November 6. 2017


The course is a set of 10 classes designed for those who have never tried yoga before.

What do you get:

– a guarantee of reaching yoga skills that will allow you to have a 1-hour long yoga session on YOUR OWN by the end of this course!
– personalized approach
– membership in an online private group platform where you can receive an immediate respond to your doubts at ANY TIME!
– 10 yoga sessions that are a perfect mix between the ancient yoga & the modern approach
– experienced yoga instructor

During the course you will learn:

  • basic asanas (poses), their correct performance and therapeutic applications
  • variety of breathing techniques (pranayama) and their holistic applications
  • variety of meditation techniques
  • most ancient and sacred mantras used in traditional yoga in India
  • hand yoga: mudras and their meanings
  • yoga philosophy from ancient yogic texts
  • Ayurveda

Who for? This course is for everybody who wants to begin the journey of yoga. It is also suitable for people with injuries and for people for whom the regular yoga classes are too quick. This course is for people who like to be treated individually and who like to have an opportunity to ask questions.

Where? How much? When? The course lasts 10 weeks: one session a week. Each session lasts 90 minutes. The course takes place each Monday for 10 consecutive weeks. The course begins on the 4th of September  and ends on the 6th of November 2017. The place is: Paradocks at Marxergasse 24, Stiege 2, 1030 Vienna. The price is: €180 for the whole course. Can be purchased in the store. The participants will need their own yoga mats. Advise on buying a yoga mat available before the course. The language of the course is English.

Want to claim your discount? Have a question? Just send me a message.

See you on the mat!


Product Description

Reviews from annonymous survey done after the last course 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

When joining this course I wanted to relax, de-stress and find some relief for my back pain and the course satisfied all of my needs! Karolina was very flexible: giving us options which was very important so that everybody could choose how far they wanted to go on a particular day. I loved the course and truly hope there is Yoga for Beginners Part 2 coming up, Karolina! 😊


What I loved most about this course is that Karolina was very flexible with us. Whenever somebody showed interest in certain topic, she would prepare the following session to get more in depth in that subject. I also enjoyed that Karolina explained us the theraupecic usage of each of those poses. Poses were challenging but accessible to everybody and we were also given options and variations. You really for me into yoga Karolina!


I was expecting to find peace within myself by joining this course and through the multiple breathing and meditation practices I found my tools which I can use anytime I get stressed out as my job is very stressful for me. I love the candle meditation and continue to do it even after the course!


This course helped me release my back pain a lot and thanks to the practical homework we were given I am able to have my own home practice now. I really recommend Karolina’s classes to everybody.


Karolina has so much passion for what she does it is totally inspiring. I was leaving each session feeling inspired and motivated. I loved that we had online platforms through which we could communicate day & night!


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