Yoga for beginners course in English in Vienna




The course is a set of 10 classes designed for those who have never tried yoga before.

During the course you will learn:

  • basic asanas (poses), their correct performance and therapeutic applications
  • variety of breathing techniques (pranayama) and their holistic applications
  • variety of meditation techniques
  • most ancient and sacred mantras used in traditional yoga in India
  • hand yoga: mudras and their meanings
  • yoga philosophy from ancient yogic texts

Who for? This course is for everybody who wants to begin the journey of yoga. It is also suitable for people with injuries and for people for whom the regular yoga classes are too quick. This course is for people who like to be treated individually and who like to have an opportunity to ask questions.

Where? How much? When? The course lasts 10 weeks: one session a week. Each session lasts 90 minutes. The course begins in September. Place: Paradocks at Marxergasse 24, Stiege 2. 1030 Vienna. The price is: €150 for the whole course. Can be purchased in the store. The participants will need their own yoga mats. Advise on buying a yoga mat available before the course. The language of the course is English

See photos form the previous courses for beginners.

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Podcast on yoga in India and yoga in school

What is it like to have yoga as a compulsory subject in school? Is yoga taught differently in India than in the west?
I tackle those questions with my guest: Raju Baba. He is a guitarist, guitar teacher, paragliding pilot, biker, golfer… he is a man of many passions. He was born in India and as a 12-year old, he attended yoga classes instead of P.E. in his school near New Delhi.
Raj lives in Vienna, Austria where he teaches guitar. Visit his website here.

Yoga books for pregnancy


Going through pregnancy is a divine moment. I have never had this experience myself but I work with pregnant women when I run my prenatal yoga classes and I see how sacred, beautiful, magical, and (sometimes) tiring and stressful this moment is. Many of the moms I work with find themselves carrying a baby for the FIRST TIME! I often listen to their worries and struggles but I also have the opportunity to share this divine moment with them and guide them through it.

In this post I recommend 3 of my favorite pregnancy books that talk about mindful pregnancy. They include not only the theory but (what I like most) all of those books have exercises and stories of other mothers and their pregnancy.

If you are in your pregnancy (congratulations!!), I hope you find these books useful: Continue reading

Spring is here!


Spring is finally here! 🌷🌼🌿
What does ayurveda say about it, how to live?
Ayurveda is an ancient medical system which prefers prevention over healing, thus our daily routine (diet, sport, etc..) has to change together with the change of seasons.
I wrote about the ayurvedic recommendations on the blog last ear so I recommend you have a look at it again.
Enjoy the read and share this knowledge with family and friends.
With love,