Spring is here!


Spring is finally here! 🌷🌼🌿
What does ayurveda say about it, how to live?
Ayurveda is an ancient medical system which prefers prevention over healing, thus our daily routine (diet, sport, etc..) has to change together with the change of seasons.
I wrote about the ayurvedic recommendations on the blog last ear so I recommend you have a look at it again.
Enjoy the read and share this knowledge with family and friends.
With love,
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Yoga and Ayurveda long weekend in a 5* palace in Poland



JUNE 15 – JUNE 18, 2017

The weekend includes:

  • Transport from Vienna to the hotel and back
  • Accommodation in shared rooms in the 5* palace in Poland
  • 3 Ayurvedic massages
  • 3 Indian meals a day
  • Consultation with an ayurvedic therapist
  • Daily yoga, pranayam and meditation sessions (beginners welcome!)
  • Unlimited SPA access
  • Plenty of fun!


Yoga with live music: guitar & piano Vienna


“It is one of the greatest experiences of life when music is there surrounding you, overwhelming you, flooding you, and meditation starts growing in you — when meditation and music meet, world and God meet, matter and consciousness meet. That is Unio Mystica — the mystic union.”
~ Osho

This vinyasa flow session is designed to make you move your body to the flow of the live instrumental music. While moving from one pose to another you will recognize your breath as your inner music. And the yoga poses will become your dance of self expression.
Vinyasa yoga session with live music in the background brings the energy of the flow to the whole new level!

Join to experience it for yourself! Continue reading

Neti – yoga for a runny nose, allergies and sinus.


The ancient yogis believed that cleansing of the nasal passages with salty water has a holistic effect. And they were not wrong. Neti (or Jala neti) is commonly used up to this day in India, in the Ayurvedic medicine, and of course in the practice of yoga.

This technique is ideal for autumn and spring when we suffer from runny nose and sinuses caused by allergies. It involves rinsing the nose with salty water, which despite appearances is painless and pleasant. Continue reading

Cancellation policy


Dear beautiful yogis,
We have always had a cancellation policy. All the classes cancelled within 24 hours prior to the class are being charged for (i.e. The envelop is taken out).
For the past few weeks waking up on Tuesdays and Thursdays has been a cancellation hell for me. Sometimes out of 10 reservations I end up with 3 people actually showing up.
As you know we have a limited space. There are others who are happy to join instead but in order to arrange this, I need more time. Therefore a cancellation policy – for the sake of order and my own personal ability to financially stain myself – is obligatory.

Hope this won’t spoil your mood (especially that it isn’t any news) 

With love,