Mouth care – ayurvedic perspective


I have access to the information so I share. For the next few days I will share with you an ayurvedic way to take care of certain parts of your body. Maybe you will use it..? πŸ‘β€

Mouth 😁😁😁

In the mouth digestion begins. To keep the digestion smooth make sure you chew your food properly! Correct chewing makes the best out of nutrition in the food.

Keep checking your tongue every morning before brushing: it mirrors your digestion! The more white coating on it the more ama: toxic leftovers in your digestive track. Clean your tongue daily with tongue scraper or with a silver spoon.

White coating at the back of your tongue suggests problems with large intestine; middle tongue – problems with stomach and small intestine.

Massage your gums so they can support your teeth. Do it with a strawberry πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ or with this mix:

5 pieces of powdered alun
2 pieces of stone salt
2 pieces of black pepper
1 piece of curcuma

Massage the gums with this powder or mix it with seasam oil. Massage by doing small circles with your middle finger 😘

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