Hand care – ayurvedic perspective


Hand care – ayurvedic perspective ✌

Hands display human age better than face. Take care of your hands as they have direct contact with pollution and chemicals on daily basis.

Each time you wash the dishes wear gloves.

If you dont like gloves try this protective hand creme:
• 1 egg
• 1 spoon marigold oil
• powdered kaolin or other clay
Mix all the ingredients till they form a paste. Apply on your hands. Do your task. When you are finished wash off the paste from your hands.

Apply handcreams daily.

Try this hand balm:
• 3 spoons lanolin
• 1 spoon ghee
• 6 spoons seasam oil
• 10 drops camomile or other essence
Apply daily as a handcreme.

Share the vitality and health of your hands with each handshake you give 👐

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