Feet care – Ayurvedic perspective


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Massaging feet is great but such simple act as washing them can be very beneficial and refreshing for the body and mind!

Use the recipes below for washing your feet. These feet baths will bring relief and freshen up the feet. During the feet baths use a bowl or a bucket so that water covers the ankles.

feet relaxation and cooling: use cool water with a hand full of powdered sandal wood or a few oil drops of sandal wood oil. Washing feet in this water will bring relief after the whole day and will allow a deep and restful sleep.
feet refreshment: take a hand full of berries, rosemary and lavender. Put them in 0,5 l of water for 10min, then remove the herbs and bath your feet in the water.
deo effect for feet: take a hand full of sage, thyme, lavender, marjoram, bay leaves and sea salt. Put them in 0,5 l of hot water and bath your feet in it.
for cold: prepare a hot feet bath with a hand full of powdered, graped or oiled ginger. Keep your feet in the water until they become hot. Then dry with a towel and wear warm socks. This bath warms up the whole body and removes mucus.
for deep and peaceful sleep: massage your feet with warm seasam oil then put your feet into hot water with warming products such as ginger.
for hard feet skin: massage feet with warm seasam oil and put into hot water with ginger. When feet become red, dry them and rub with a sponge.

Try to free your feet as often as possible. Walk barefoot at home. Shoes suck energy and make us tired.

In summer 🌞🌡 begin your days with a barefoot walk on grass🍃🌾 it refreshes the whole body and mind 👍


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