Digestion – ayurvedic perspective


Digestion – ayurvedic perspective

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Ayurveda describes digestion as agni. Agni has the power to turn something that isn’t part of you (food, information, views, sounds..) into something that is part of you (your body and intellect).

Agni  has the power to detoxify the organism and to send the food minerals into the cells.

Healthy and banaced Agni means a healthy and balanced mind as well as body.

● Strong agni:
° strong burping
° strong sweating
° rush on the skin
° diahrrea
° hyperactivity
° over talking
° irritation and anger
° burning sensation in the digestive track

● Weak agni:
° gases
° mental tiredness
° lack of sweat
° Gray skin
° indigestion

● How to balance Agni?
° eat small meals
° drink warm water or warm water with lemon
° drink hot ginger tea
° chew your food until it becomes liquid before you swallow it
° Agni can be strengthened by fasting and taking herbs. This procedure should be done under the control of an ayurvedic therapist
° swallow more saliva before your meal. Especially before a meal dense in carbohydrate. How? Move your tongue clockwise between gums and lips with your mouth closed. Then change the direction.

● How to weaken Agni?
° eat diet suitable for pitta type (read a post about diet

° find constructive ways to get rid of frustration and, anger

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