Detox – Ayurvedic perspective


Ayurveda as a medical system is quite surprising. How? First of all, it prefers to maintain health rather than to cure disease. Isn’t it genius? Why heal when you can make sure your patient doesn’t fall sick in the first place? How to maintain health? Ayurveda has few answers to that and detox is one of them. And that’s what this post is about. 

  1. Yearly cleanse


Ayurveda recommends a yearly cleanse which takes at least 2 weeks. It cleanses each and every single cell in your body. This treatment is called Panchakarma and it is done under the guidance of a therapist. Read more about panchakarma here.

2. Seasonal detox


Another way to make sure you remain healthy is to cleanse your digestive track as seasons change. It can be a colon cleanse or a yogic technique called Shank Prakshalan which cleanses the whole digestive system: stomach, intestines… If you are interested in it you can join my Shank Prakshalan workshop in Vienna.

3. Weekly cleanse


Every little effort counts. That is why you should make sure every week that you do something beneficial for your health: fast. Fasting is an ancient (often also religious) way of keeping yourself not only healthy but also connected to your soul. You can either skip dinner once a week or fast for the whole day. Important is that once you decide to fast you do not switch to drinking juices. Ayurveda recommends fasting as it gives rest to your digestive track. Thus fast on water (and water only!).

4. Daily cleanse


There is also something you can do every day in order to keep your vision, hearing, smell and taste healthy: nasya. It is an ayurvedic technique that requires  3-5 sesame oil drops (can also be medicated ghee which you can get in Ayurvedic stores such as the one on Neubaugasse in Vienna) daily. It not only keeps your senses health but also keeps your mind clear and headaches away.

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