26 days to full potential with yoga sutras of Patanjali


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26 days to full potential with yoga sutras of Patanjali.

Dear beautiful people, for the next 26 days we will focus on achieving our full potential! How many times have you decided to make changes for better in your life but failed? How badly do you want those changes in your life? Continue reading

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Kino Macgregor on healing depression through yoga

The most popular and media friendly yogi – Kino Macgregor, speaks about healing depression through yoga: “I struggled with a very difficult depression since I was 9 years old, and it felt like a dark hole that I would never ever get out from. When I came to my first yoga class, I felt like I found an answer to the depth of questions that my soul was asking. I believe that yoga has the possibility to bring peace and healing to everyone. As long as you get on your mat and you begin to do your practice…” Continue reading

Depressed in a foreign country


Depressed in a foreign country.

Did you move out from your home country to see the world, and live a different life, but found yourself overwhelmed by the new country? Lonely? Misunderstood? With poor communication skills? Alienated by the new culture? Brought down by the lack of career perspective?

It is a perfect situation for falling into depression! But you know what? There is something about you, that no local has… Continue reading

Yoga classes for depression in Vienna, Austria


Yoga classes for depression in Vienna, Austria. The world we live in tends to be hard. We have expectations coming to us from school, work, our families, and our friends. In addition to this we struggle with time and money. The world seems to be a place of worry not of joy. And this is a perfect time for practicing yoga in a stable, and reliable small group of people lead by an experienced yoga teacher. Continue reading

Yoga and Ayurveda for Depression



Author: ArtByMoga. Source: rebloggy.com

Yoga and Ayurveda for Depression. Depression tends to be an overused word. When we feel sad, we say “we’re depressed”. But depression is much more serious than just that. We all experience sad emotions, but depression is a constant sadness that seems to have no end. Depression brings the feeling of loneliness, confusion, helplessness, lack of interest, motivation and finally lack of point in living . It is a deadly disease which becomes more and more popular in our world. According to the survey from 2012: “One in ten working people have taken time off work because of depression”. Imagine that out of your 10 friends, 1 has a deep and sad feeling that makes him want to end his life! Continue reading