Detox – Ayurvedic perspective


Ayurveda as a medical system is quite surprising. How? First of all, it prefers to maintain health rather than to cure disease. Isn’t it genius? Why heal when you can make sure your patient doesn’t fall sick in the first place? How to maintain health? Ayurveda has few answers to that and detox is one of them. And that’s what this post is about.  Continue reading

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Spring is here!


Spring is finally here! 🌷🌼🌿
What does ayurveda say about it, how to live?
Ayurveda is an ancient medical system which prefers prevention over healing, thus our daily routine (diet, sport, etc..) has to change together with the change of seasons.
I wrote about the ayurvedic recommendations on the blog last ear so I recommend you have a look at it again.
Enjoy the read and share this knowledge with family and friends.
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Neti – yoga for a runny nose, allergies and sinus.


The ancient yogis believed that cleansing of the nasal passages with salty water has a holistic effect. And they were not wrong. Neti (or Jala neti) is commonly used up to this day in India, in the Ayurvedic medicine, and of course in the practice of yoga.

This technique is ideal for autumn and spring when we suffer from runny nose and sinuses caused by allergies. It involves rinsing the nose with salty water, which despite appearances is painless and pleasant. Continue reading

Ayurvedic red lentil dal


Dal is one of the most commonly consumed dishes in Ayurveda and in northern India. Dal is a soup made form red lentils (or any lentils in fact), but in India the word “dal”  also means lentils. This dish is perfect for autumn and winter evenings. It heats up the body, it is easy to digest and full of spice and flavor.
I admit that when I first tried dal, I truly understood the meaning of the sentence “heaven in my mouth.” I was in Nepal when I first tried this dish (Nepali cuisine is very similar to the cuisine of the north of India) and since that time a day with no dal was a wasted day for me. Up to this day, whenever I plan on going beck to northern India, I get mentally ready for large amounts of dal! But when I’m not in India,  India is on my plate. Continue reading

Ayurvedic instant soup


Ayurvedic instant soup.

This quick soup is perfect as lunch at work. And it is a great substitute for instant soups. You only need to prepare the jars, put them in the fridge and pour hot water into the jars when you lack time for cook!
The soup has all the six Ayurvedic tastes in it, and therefore it can be safely called Ayurvedic soup. You can read more about Ayurveda in my post here.


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Yoga & Ayurveda Summer retreat in a 5-star castle in Poland


We are doing it again!!!

Yoga & Ayurveda Summer retreat in a 5-star castle in Poland!

After the last retreat in this amazing 5-star castle in Poland (see photos here) we are going again!! This time it’s a summer retreat and it’s whole 4 days of massages, Ayurveda consultations with a therapist, workshops, group activities, yoga, meditation, SPA and fun!

THE PLAN IS AS FOLLOWS: Continue reading