5 good videos about yoga


If you have enough of mainstream yoga information, those are the videos to watch. Whether it is an interview or a speech, those videos are made by yogis and talk about what’s behind the pretty asanas from yoga magazines.

  1. How to breathe in daily life

This speech sends a simple yet powerful message on the breath and how to use it corectly in daily life.

2. Making the daily practice interesting again

We have all had moments when keeping up with the regular practice became boring. This interview with Deepika Mehta will keep you motivated.

At the same time, I recommend all the videos by The Purple Valley.


3. From drugs to yoga

Classic transformational story said in an easy language.


4. Yoga filosophy every day

These series of films made by Kino Macgregor simply explain the Sutras of Patanjali and their usage in daily life.


5. There are no limits

A speech by the oldest female yogi. Quite a motivation!


Share those videos with other and spread the inspiration!

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