Back into shape with yoga


Namaste yogi,
Whether you are coming back on the mat after a long break or maybe just beginning your journey with yoga this 7-day yoga challange will:
🌴strengthen your body
🌴get you familiar with the asanas and the yogic breathing
🌴boost your fitness level
🌴improve your sense of balance
🌴build your flexibility
Remember, a cinsistent practice is the key to success, therefore during this challange we will practice together EVERY DAY🔥🔥🔥

Join the challange here:

See you on the mat,

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Digestion – ayurvedic perspective


Digestion – ayurvedic perspective

Let me know if you enjoy reading about Ayurveda 🙏✌👍

Ayurveda describes digestion as agni. Agni has the power to turn something that isn’t part of you (food, information, views, sounds..) into something that is part of you (your body and intellect).

Agni  has the power to detoxify the organism and to send the food minerals into the cells.

Healthy and banaced Agni means a healthy and balanced mind as well as body.

● Strong agni:
° strong burping
° strong sweating
° rush on the skin Continue reading

Feet care – Ayurvedic perspective


Leavea comment if you are reading this and if you will use the recipies 😊

Massaging feet is great but such simple act as washing them can be very beneficial and refreshing for the body and mind!

Use the recipes below for washing your feet. These feet baths will bring relief and freshen up the feet. During the feet baths use a bowl or a bucket so that water covers the ankles.

feet relaxation and cooling: use cool water with a hand full of powdered sandal wood or a few oil drops of sandal wood oil. Washing feet in this water will bring relief after the whole day and will allow a deep and restful sleep. Continue reading

GET YOUR DISCOUNT for the yoga course for beginners in Wien Austria

This summer you can get a €30 discount on the yoga course for beginners by simply writing me an email!
Email me saying you are willing to join the course and you are willing to get your discount IN EXCHANGE for a short video at the end of the course speaking of your experience from the course.

Information about the course here
Email to claim your discount:

Yoga course for beginners in English Vienna


Mondays 17:45 – 19:15

September 4 – November 6. 2017

The course is a set of 10 classes designed for those who have never tried yoga before.

During the course you will learn:

  • basic asanas (poses), their correct performance and therapeutic applications
  • variety of breathing techniques (pranayama) and their holistic applications
  • variety of meditation techniques
  • most ancient and sacred mantras used in traditional yoga in India
  • hand yoga: mudras and their meanings
  • yoga philosophy from ancient yogic texts

Who for? This course is for everybody who wants to begin the journey of yoga. It is also suitable for people with injuries and for people for whom the regular yoga classes are too quick. This course is for people who like to be treated individually and who like to have an opportunity to ask questions.


Where? How much? When? The course lasts 10 weeks: one session a week. Each session lasts 90 minutes. The course takes place each Monday for 10 consecutive weeks. The course begins on the 4th of September  and ends on the 6th of November 2017. The place is: Paradocks at Marxergasse 24, Stiege 2, 1030 Vienna. The price is: €150 for the whole course. Can be purchased in the store. The participants will need their own yoga mats. Advise on buying a yoga mat available before the course. The language of the course is English.


Hope to see you on the mat!

With love,